eAdventure: because creating serious games should not be complicated

The eAdventure platform is our “big project”. It is a serious games authoring tool, absolutely free software, which tries to simplify the process of creating games for education as much as possible in order to promote adoption within the educational community.

The project began in 2007 as a result of Pablo Moreno‘s PhD thesis. Since then the project has grown a lot, thanks to the contributions of quite a lot of people, becoming now an stable product with more than 10,000 yearly downloads (source: SourceForge.net) available in 10 different languages.

eAdventure gathers most of our activity. First, we spend a great deal of our time developing it as a free software product. Second, we use eAdventure as the underlying platform for several PhD theses, which allows us to explore cutting-edge innovation regarding serious games. Finally, we use eAdventure as part of our experimental activity, developing serious games in different educational settings where we evaluate its impact quantitatively. You can see more information about this research here.