Blanca Borro Escribano

Phd Candidate

Blanca Borro Escribano is working as a researcher in the eUCM since 2011 in the serious games research area of the group: the eAdventure project. Although now she is working as a full-time employer for the Bank of Spain, from 2006 to 2011 she worked for the Spanish National Transplant Organization, where the idea and the need of developing simulations to represent the different steps of the process of Deceased Donation emerged.

Since then, she has focused her efforts in the area of representing complex-medical procedures throught game-like simulations to improve the systematization of this processes. She has developed two game-like simulations representing both the supra-hospitalary level and the hospitalary level of the Deceased Donation process. She has published 5 research papers in academic journals and conferences in the field.