Welcome to the eAdventure 2.0 development blog!

In this page you will find updates on the technical progress with eAdventure 2.0, the new version we are building from scratch. For information about the stable eAdventure 1.X version, which is  the one you can download, visit either its website or the news we publish in this website related to it.  For clarification on the differences of these versions, see this page.

Want more info? See our GitHub Wiki & Repo!

eAdventure Mockup – A complete game editor for your Android

This year, Cristian and Toni, two great students in their last year, are creating an Android version of eAdventure, named eAdventure Mockup, that hopefully will be released in Google Play in late May. Most of the infrastructure is shared with the desktop version of eAdventure, but eAdventure Mockup will try to tackle the special requirements […]

First editor screenshot —eAdventure progress report #2

While the engine gains stability and new features —including support for game variables— we are now focusing big part of our efforts in the eAdventure editor (namely, our main product), planning a minimal first release. This pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha version will allow users to create new scenes in the game, and position game elements inside them. We […]

Technical demo working —eAdventure progress report #1

The new eAdventure is advancing slowly but steadily. This week we put a lot of effort in having a minimal game engine working, and we did it! We have a running technical demo showing some of the new features. Yes. Not that impressive, but it is something. You can check the new Renderers and Actions […]

Introducing Parity 2.0

As a way to showcase the new eAdventure 2.0 platform, we are rebuilding the Parity game. Parity was developed using eAdventure 1.3 a couple of years ago as an educational resource to learn the concept of parity (difference between odd and even) for 6-year-old kids. The game is freely available either as an EAD game, a Java Applet or a JAR executable file, both in English and Spanish. Links to all different versions are just below.

We are taking code quality very seriously

Hi everyone! As you know, we are taking code quality very seriously for the development of eAdventure 2.0. Our quality standards were already very high since we adopted peer-reviewed coding: we all work on separate branches and create pull requests onto our GitHub master branch for each of the tickets we have assigned. Then another […]

Welcome to the eAdventure 2.0 development blog!

We open this section here in the e-UCM’s research page until we build a new eAdventure website. Here we’ll publish regular updates on the progress on eAdventure 2.0. We are planning many new features for the platform, including a fully redesigned interface, simplified edition, and support for HTML5 and Android game development. Don’t forget to […]