As a way to showcase the new eAdventure 2.0 platform, we are rebuilding the Parity game. Parity was developed using eAdventure 1.3 a couple of years ago as an educational resource to learn the concept of parity (difference between odd and even) for 6-year-old kids. The game is freely available either as an EAD game, a Java Applet or a JAR executable file, both in English and Spanish. Links to all different versions are just below.

Links to the Parity "1.0" Version (This is the old version, there is no executable available for the new one yet)
EnglishEAD (eAdventure1.X format)Learning Object (Java Applet)Desktop JAR file
SpanishEAD (eAdventure1.X format)Learning Object (Java Applet)Desktop JAR file

Parity 1.0 was a great game but it had limitations. Those limitations will fade away thanks to eAdventure 2.0! We’ll be pushing the state-of-the-art of eAdventure 2 while we develop the new Parity and we’ll keep you posted so you can see how much this has improved.

For now, I’ll just post some screenshots of Parity 2.0, which will be released fully multiplatorm (Android, Desktop, HTML5) and Full HD! How does it look compared to Parity1.0?

That is just to leave the fox to watch the geese 🙂