We are taking code quality very seriously

Hi everyone!

As you know, we are taking code quality very seriously for the development of eAdventure 2.0. Our quality standards were already very high since we adopted peer-reviewed coding: we all work on separate branches and create pull requests onto our GitHub master branch for each of the tickets we have assigned. Then another developer reviewes the code, makes suggestions and discusses back and forth with the author of the pull request until both are satisfied with the results. Make no mistake, this process is no little-girl-afterschool-party, some of our developers are really tough!! 🙂 But that’s not all, Iván Martínez, one of our senior developers with a lot of expertise in software architectures and technology, makes deep analysis of the whole thing from time to time and pull our ears if we had not been nice boys! 🙂

The last action we’ve taken to increase code quality is to install SonarQube, a free software platform that covers the 7 areas of code quality (architecture & design, comments, coding rules, unit tests, potential bugs…).  Should you be interested in seeing how it is going for us, it is publicly available at: http://dev.e-ucm.es/sonar/dashboard/index/1

We’ll keep you posted

The eAdventure(2.0) team


Snapshot of our sonarQube running in dev.e-ucm.es

Snapshot of our sonarQube running in dev.e-ucm.es