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Introducing Parity 2.0

As a way to showcase the new eAdventure 2.0 platform, we are rebuilding the Parity game. Parity was developed using eAdventure 1.3 a couple of years ago as an educational resource to learn the concept of parity (difference between odd and even) for 6-year-old kids. The game is freely available either as an EAD game, a Java Applet or a JAR executable file, both in English and Spanish. Links to all different versions are just below.

We are taking code quality very seriously

Hi everyone! As you know, we are taking code quality very seriously for the development of eAdventure 2.0. Our quality standards were already very high since we adopted peer-reviewed coding: we all work on separate branches and create pull requests onto our GitHub master branch for each of the tickets we have assigned. Then another […]

Freshly baked site! We have a new web

Hey everyone! Our oven has been heated up to bake a fresh, brand new website we are now introducing to you! Right now it does not have too much content, but still looks great thanks to the great work done by Cristina Jiménez Imaña, to whom we are especially grateful. We hope this will help […]