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More than 10 years devoted to innovate in education and technology

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Our tool to create serious games.
Free! (as in freedom)

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We develop desktop, mobile and Web serious games using technologies like HTML5, Java, Android, NodeJS, etc.

Development of serious games

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Experience in competitive research projects

Planning and execution of competitive research projects, with Spanish partners (R&D national funding bodies) and European partners (7th Framework Programme, Lifelong Learning Programme, Alfa Programme, etc).

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Applications in health care

We have made of medicine and health care our main application domains, including experiences with high schoolers, medicine students and medical staff.



We develop educational technologies and research their impact in the learning process.


Serious Games

We create educational video games with desktop, Web and mobile technologies, for primary and secondary education, University education and vocational training.


Medical Simulation

We produce low cost (but effective) simulation environments to learn health care procedures.

Recent publications


Development of Game-Like Simulations for Procedural Knowledge in Healthcare Education

21 January, 2014
We present EGDA, an Educational Game Development Approach focused on the teaching of procedural knowledge in healthcare using a cost-effective approach, which is the result of 7 years of continued research.

Towards a Low Cost Adaptation of Educational Games for People with Disabilities

20 January, 2014
In this paper we propose a system that automatically or semi-automatically adapts an eAdventure game for people with disabilities. The ultimate goal is to reduce the cost needed to make an educational game accessible.

These are only some of our publications. Want to see all of them?


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13 February, 2014
¿Qué instrumento médico ha supuesto un mayor avance a la hora de reducir la tasa de mortalidad en cirugía y reducir las complicaciones en el post operatorio?


17 December, 2013
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